About Us

Juniper Capital is a vertically integrated investment management, commercial real estate lending, development, and asset management organization with offices across North America. We combine significant depth of experience in institutional investing and corporate leadership with a nimble investment culture.

Juniper and its managing partners have extensive experience in all aspects of real estate ownership, including underwriting, acquiring, financing, structuring, developing, operating, managing and disposing of assets across all major asset classes.

With offices and managing partners located in several key financial markets across North America, including Los Angeles, Miami, Scottsdale, and Toronto, and administrative and back-office support staff located in Arizona and Puerto Rico, Juniper is well-positioned to provide efficient, effective services to real estate portfolios of all sizes, including large, nationwide portfolios of our institutional clients.

What We Do

Juniper is active in all aspects of real estate investment and ownership. With a focus on value creation, Juniper makes direct investments and advises a variety of institutional clients. Juniper engagements generally require a substantial activist role as a manager, board member or advisor. Juniper partners have collectively worked out numerous real estate assets and managed several real estate bankruptcies since 2010.

Our Approach

Juniper focuses on distressed or undervalued real estate assets that may require substantial repositioning and/or involve complex workout and restructuring issues. It has a predisposition towards high quality, irreplaceable real estate assets. Juniper engagements and investments typically require substantial repositioning and application of other value-add strategies.

Competitive Advantages

Expertise in Distressed Assets

  • Entrepreneurial expertise in repositioning mismanaged assets
  • Extensive experience in foreclosure, rebranding and recapitalization
  • Prior experience in pursuing guarantors for recoveries on recourse carve outs
  • Creative responses and alternative solutions to new and unforeseen problems
  • Construction expertise with fractured and distressed projects

Extensive Industry Contacts

  • Strong relationships with major real estate investment banks
  • Close relationships through prior firm experience with major market participants: lenders, borrowers, and brokers
  • Local market presence in major bicoastal markets
  • Managing Partners with diverse experiences to create unique and innovative solutions

Geographically Diverse Platform

  • Broad geographic coverage for a small nimble platform
  • Ability to originate in secondary markets
  • Workout of complex foreclosure and bankruptcy across jurisdictions
  • Lower cost back-office support in Scottsdale and Puerto Rico

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